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The Most Profitable Startup Ideas In India, A Must Read For Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

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By Harsheen Kamboj


Best Startup Ideas in India :- Do you know the total number of startups in India?

Probably, to an approximate value, India has over 50,000 startups as of now, but how many of them get noticed?

Well, a successful entrepreneur is not the one who initiates the journey, but the one who raises it with every ounce of hard work. Building a business and being a part of its growth is something that only a few sees because only limited startups rise to success.

While there are many bases of a successful startup, profit is the foremost one. Although business profits aren't a readymade solution, yet profitable startup business ideas are more likely to sustain in the long run! Helping you in finding best startup ideas, our team presents the most profitable startup ideas in India. Go ahead and read, our entrepreneurs!

Best Startup Ideas in India

best startup ideas in india business startup ideas

Customized Gifts

Be a birthday party or a festival like Diwali, we all exchange gifts to embark the special days. Nowadays, many of us prefer to give customized gifts to our loved ones, and that's why it's a profitable business idea. To have a startup on custom-made gifts, you can either prepare customized gifts or supply them.

gifts best startup ideas

You should acquire knowledge about excellent gift makers in the target area and tie-up with them. While the business can have a lean start, it's a profitable idea for the long run.

Sanitization And Safety Equipments

Is there any need to put it in the list?

We all know what our new life looks like and it's incomplete without masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, and other such products. The need for these products is likely to boost in the future with increasing stress on healthcare. Undoubtedly, safety and sanitization equipment are a good business idea.

Incense Stick Manufacturing

India's agarbatti (incense sticks) market is growing swiftly both in the country and abroad. On the pretext of the rising popularity of meditation across the world, incense sticks exports have increased tremendously. The business, if everything falls perfectly, can lead to net profits of around 8%.

The best thing is that the production of incense sticks is similar to that of a labour-intensive cottage type of industry which helps generate mass employment. Apart from this, the product is also easily marketed in rural areas increasing its reach.

Handmade Chocolates

handmade chocolate best startup ideas in india

When it comes to chocolates, India is on top!

And why not, chocolates are a stress buster and mood lifter as everyone loves to have at least one. The best thing is that one can have personalized flavours added in the chocolates and can create a separate customer base.

You can also start the business from your home with minimum equipment (depends on the scale of operation). With chocolates not going out of trend anytime now, this business idea is a win!

Event Management

Providing services as a business idea is something that many don't think, but if you are brilliant at organizing and managing customer needs, then it's for you. Event management is a growing industry as every wedding, function, or party needs a perfect event manager.

Creativity is a crucial investment in this business. Under this, a company can earn a gross profit of up to 15%. The best part is that organizing business parties often helps one to make permanent clients with some huge numbers!

Ideas are never-ending. We believe that startups may come or go, but business ideas will keep on emerging!

Do share your business ideas with us, and we will help you to launch your startup with zero investment. Visit us now!

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