About Us

An extremely passionate techie along with a bunch of fiery, young techies who are making the entrepreneurial world of technology development a low risk, economic and less stressful place.

Our Goal

To help aspiring entrepreneurs realise their business ideas through online solutions without taking on huge financial burdens. Create websites, apps and software, test them out, get crucial insights from customers, and incorporate it into the product. Help the Indian economy by creating more entrepreneurs and thereby help increase employment opportunities.
Our Founder

A man with vision who understands the pain of entrepreneurs and strives to make their technological journey intuitive and hassle-free. He and his team have worked on an array of technology and found solutions to multiple pressing problems during their careers. He has a keen sense of observation and sharp analytical skills. His daring nature and never give up attitude pushes him to set goals, no matter how big, and work to achieve them within a quick turnaround time.
Being a man who attributes the success of each project to the team that works on it, he doesn’t want to take all the credit for the team’s performance. We won’t mention his name and shall use a team picture instead.
Team pic coming up soon.
The techies are too busy working on delivering a solution right now.