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Why Higgle?
Simple. We’re different.

We are your first investors!
We at Higgle understand how challenging it is to convince investors to finance a startup that is just at the idea stage. This is where we step in. By creating a prototype or developing a Minimum Viable Product, we give shape to your idea.
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How It Works?


Idea Proposition

Our team of experts at Higgle listen to numerous ideas from various aspiring entrepreneurs on an everyday basis.

Analysis of Ideas

We assess each idea against certain criteria before we select the ones that we find deserving.

Idea Selection

If an idea meets our criteria, we decide to either create a production ready, prototype or develop an MVP.
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
We choose to develop an MVP when our team of experts believe that the idea fulfils the required criteria and has great potential, an existing market, a promising plan for execution, etc.
If the doesn’t meet all of the criteria but we still really like it, we choose to build a prototype and test it out.

We at Higgle believe in using Agile project management, we ensure that feedback at every step is integrated into the product and released quickly in the next iteration. MVPs and prototypes play a vital in iterating, testing as well as incorporating feedback into the final product.

Higgle Builds Products for

Our experts develop Mobile Apps that will transform your idea into reality. We integrate all the essential features into a lightweight app that will ensure that users have a smooth experience.
higgle software development
Establish an online presence, generate leads, build brand awareness, and flaunt customer testimonials with your website. We develop fully functional websites using cutting edge technology to leave a lasting impression on your customers.
higgle web design service
Development Softwares
We love working on unique ideas. Our software development services are tailored to meet your individual needs and give life to uncommon ideas.

Why Choose Higgle?

We build your production ready, MVP or prototype for zero investment!
We at Higgle understand how challenging it is to convince investors to finance a startup that is just at the idea stage. This is where we step in. By creating a production ready, prototype or developing a Minimum Viable Product, we give shape to your idea.
Machine Learning (ML)
Improve customer satisfaction by making valuable suggestions. Get accurate predictions, plan better and speed up processes with the help of pattern recognition.
The timeframe for development, testing and operations are significantly higher with DevOps. The likelihood of manual error is minimized further as thefrequency of deployment is high.
Open Source Software (OSS)
You get access to robust, tried, and tested code, solutions that are constantly improving, and are supported by a worldwide community. When issues arise, you also reap the perks of prompt development and troubleshooting.
Voice Search Optimization
Get recognized by devices like Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc, and gain more traction, higher conversion and better customer engagement.
Computer Vision
Make browsing and searching easier for your customers with the help of intuitive and advanced product recommendations.
Gain higher security on transaction data with immutable and encrypted storage. Improve speed by automating processes and eliminating discrepancies in the accuracy of data stored.
UI/UX Design
Increase customer retention, good reviews, and referrals as well. Let your customers be delighted while maneuvering through a well-thought and easy-to-use website, app or software.
Get crucial insights and feedback on what features customers like and dislike. Gather important information and accordingly make enhancements in the final product.

Our Projects

Using Data Intelligence
to Provide Energy Solutions.
React + Nodejs + Devops Development
Make something epic
React + Flutter + Graphql + Nodejs development


An MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a basic version of a new product that includes the essential features to satisfy early adopters. After collecting sufficient feedback from early users, the final product is developed.
A prototype is merely a working model of an idea on the basis of which the actual product is developed.
When an idea is in a physical form that can be experienced, this increases your chances of getting funding. MVPs and prototypes create this experience.
While we develop a product we keep "Reliable, Scalable and Maintainable Application" in mind. So we develop production ready applications as well.