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The Zero Investment Business Ideas in India

zero investment business ideas in india

Are you someone who wants to build something of your own? Do you want to quit your job and start a business? While running a business requires lots of money, you can start with zero investment business ideas. Indeed, the world is observing a shift in career preferences.

Young minds now look for opportunities that offer them to own a business. They find it significant to leave the rat race of finding the perfect 9 to 5 job and run a business idea which offers financial stability in the long run. As of now, many young minds are using the zero investment business ideas in India to give wings to their dreams.

Zero Investment Business By Higgle

A business with zero investment might sound impossible, but trust us, it's not! We are team Higgle, a company that helps you in running your dream business idea with zero investment. We build zero investment apps and websites to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

We know that Indian startups have creative ideas, but many of them lag because of lack of investment, and that's where we help them. Higgle becomes your first investor as it invests in your ideas and gives them a direction with expert feedback and advice.

Team Higgle works on business ideas in a processed manner- the expert team listens to numerous ideas daily, evaluate them against particular criteria, selects the best suited, and then build a product followed with the chosen business idea.

Higgle is an effort to help young business minds to envision their zero investment business without any financial pressures. We make sure incorporating feedback into the final product, which is why the product can adapt in a dynamic environment.

Higgle removes the hindrance of finding your first investor and helps you in building your zero investment business online or offline.

Top Zero Investment Business Ideas In India

Presently, Higgle builds products for apps, websites, and development softwares as the team helps in creating a hassle-free startup building environment in India. Advancing with this vision, we wonder if you know any zero investment business ideas. Well, even if you don't know, let's inform you that there are some innumerable ways in which you can begin your entrepreneurial journey with zero investment.

Zero investment business ideas are great for bootstrappers or those who are still exploring the entrepreneurial world. Undoubtedly, with technological advancements and new means to reach consumers, zero investment business ideas are easy ways to create a customer base in this fast-paced world. So, here we present you with the top zero investment business ideas in India! Read on to know more.

Best Zero Investment Business Ideas

zero investment business ideas

Blogging: Zero Investment Business Online

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to start a zero investment business online. Blogging has now turned into a full-time job all over the world. Anyone with the skill can set up a free blog online on platforms like Blogger, WordPress, etc. and can generate content.

Choosing a niche, posting content regularly, tracking engagements, proper use of keywords, are some of the many things that one needs to take care while growing business with blogging. All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection, and some patience to get the best results from blogging.

From fashion and travel to food and product reviews, one can blog in any niche. Sponsored posts, ads, and product sales generate earnings on blogs. Starting as free, you can also buy your domain later for your blog in around $30 a month. As for now, in India, blogging is becoming very popular and promising business online.

Online Service Selling: Zero Investment Business Online

We are sure you know about this! We all purchase so many utility items via online means. Be it the Instagram page that you stalk for all the fashionable products or websites like Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart, these methods are online selling methods.

Nowadays, social media is an added element to this website driven selling which has made the process hassle-free. With Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, one can start a business with zero investment. Moreover, websites creation needs nominal investment on the part of the seller.

Podcaster: Zero Investment Business Online

The new way to earn in 2020 is through the podcast. Many free tools help you to set up your podcast, which allows you to start an audio show online. Now, the question is, how can one make money through the podcast? Well, sponsorships are the most common means to make money on this platform.

Although the platform takes a small part out of your earnings, being a podcaster can help in the long run as a side business.

Content Writer: Zero Investment Business Online

Content writing is perhaps one of the best zero investment business ideas in India. The need for content is paramount, especially in today's world, where consumers are more demanding and aware with an increasing trend of social media.

Reportedly, the coming years will see relatively a greater demand for content, therefore increasing the growth prospects for content writers. The only investment you need here is time, skills, laptop or PC, and internet access. From big brands to budding startups, the forever need for content makes content writing as an assuring business choice provided that you must have the necessary skills.

Digital Marketing: Zero Investment Business Online

As already stated, the world is going through a drastic series of changes. The traditional marketing doesn't fit in the new-age business environment. With people becoming more active on social media and spending most of their time online, digital marketing comes into play.

If you have experience in optimizing a web page, SEO, building backlinks, and other digital marketing skills, then you can start a business in digital marketing. With the arrival of a pandemic like a coronavirus, the need for going digital in marketing feels more significant. Hence, digital marketing sounds promising as a zero investment business idea in India.

With people getting inspired by successful entrepreneurs, Indians are pacing up the startup culture as more and more startups are getting into the business world. While many have entrepreneurial dreams, a lot of them step a back owing to lack of investment.

Busting this myth for you, we believe that these five zero investment businesses online can help you put your first foot forward in entrepreneurship. Indeed, there is no lack of zero investment business ideas in India, but the ones mentioned here are perhaps the most trendy and promising for the future.

Advancing to create a startup ecosystem in the country, team Higgle aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs to build their dreams with zero investment business ideas.

Reach out to us to run your startup with zero investment!