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10 Things You Need To Know Before Beginning A Startup, Read It Now!

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By Harsheen Kamboj


Taking up the role of an entrepreneur is not an easy task. While ideas are the basis of any startup venture, successful businesses are not merely about ideas. A long term business requires much more than only emerging thoughts to turn into renowned brands. From business plans to the perfect execution, successful business takes a lot more to sustain in the competitive market.

The astonishing fact is that 50% of startup businesses fail in the initial five years of their operations. Despite their efforts and sacrifices, they fail to survive in the long run. Undoubtedly, there's a lot that budding entrepreneurs need to know before they pull up their socks for entrepreneurship. So, here we present the top 10 things that you need to know before starting a startup!

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Things to Know Before Beginning A Startup

Write A Business Plan

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While starting, it is better to write a business plan that will mention your organizational goals, personal goals, market research, and future projections. A written business plan will put the thoughts at concrete places and will highlight necessary changes.

Develop A Physical Product

As earlier said, ideas are the basis of your business, but mere ideas can't do everything for you. You need a physical product or a working service that will not only strengthens the funding opportunities but also creates a confident customer base for your brand. A physical product or a functioning service is the representation of the company's idea. People will see your value proposition in your product or service.

Don't Copy, But Admire!

Every business is unique not just with the idea but also with employees, products, operations, etc. So, one should try to understand their corporate needs, needed skills, strengths, employees, and everything that set them apart from their competitors. Instead of copying the other startups (that will not be beneficial because of varied needs), one should admire them and set out some new ways.

Know Business Competition

Just like copying others won't work, similarly, not analyzing the business competition is also a drawback. One should keep a check on all the offers, policies, and customer services that their competitors put in the market. So, before starting a business, it's significant to analyze your market competitors.

Examine Capital Needs

One of the biggest obstacles for any startup is its capital needs. While starting a business, one must focus on low financial needs. Moreover, attracting an investor in the initial days is a tough task. So, it is better to layout a perfect capital structure, especially in the beginning.

The Team Structure

team structure

Employees are the driving force of any startup, and that's why we talk on the significance of hiring the right team for a new startup. It is also crucial to analyze if you need freelancers, interns, or permanent employees for your dream project. While a core team should be there, we think a combination of interns and freelancers with permanent employees works well.

Form Customer Research

Unquestionably, customers are the king of the market, and without customer support, no business can function. It becomes imperative to know the target market, target customers, their needs, and demands. With those who are already interested in the brand, a startup should attract new customers with innovative skills.

Analyze The Growth

We will advise you to know your numbers in your business journey. It's significant to know your growth rank, where you are ahead of your competitors, and where you are lagging, impressions and reach on social media. All such information needs proper analysis!

Focus On Your Niche

When you are starting, it's better to stick at what you have. You don't have to reinvent something suddenly, take your time, understand the market and how it works, and then pace up your game. The initial focus should be on your strengths!

Welcome Suggestions And Advice

While sticking to a plan is significant, but one can't deny the fact that welcoming suggestions gives space for improvement in every way. It also motivates employees and interns to take extra efforts in achieving the organizational goal, which is a critical need for any startup.

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