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The Top Healthcare Startups in India For The Health Seeker In You!

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By Harsheen Kamboj


Top Healthcare Startups in India: Society has changed its thoughts on various issues over the years. The need for the modern world has driven these changes in a global society through emerging startups. Among many budding startups, healthcare ones are redefining the medical services like never before.

Healthcare startups in india are not only bridging the gap between doctors and patients but are also harnessing the power of technology in the medical world. This growing phase of the healthcare sector is significant for a country like India.

While Indian healthcare expects to grow by around 23% in the future, medical care requires the best in every way. Going with the thought of the best medicine quality, we share the top healthcare startups that are the best in the industry!

healthcare startups india

Top Healthcare Startups in India


PharmEasy, launched in 2015, is one of the most successful healthcare startups in the india. The vision behind PharmEasy was to supply medicines at affordable rates to customers by improving the supply chain and logistics.

Within five years, the corporate has extended its operation in seven cities, including Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and other metropolitan cities as it serves over 100,000 families. The startup has also partnered with more than 150 vendors.

The PharmEasy app is easy to use and let users place an order in just three clicks. This app is a perfect place for connecting patients, doctors, pharmacies, and medical service providers within a technology-driven ecosystem. Undoubtedly, PharmEasy is India's largest healthcare distribution platform.


Many of you know it as 'India Ki Pharmacy!'

Netmeds is a well-known online platform that has risen to success with millions of active consumers. The platform's vision lies in its ease of shopping for medicines and various other healthcare products through the all-time available portal and the mobile app.

Apart from these features, Netmeds has an expert team of licensed pharmaceutists who digitize and approve handwritten prescriptions.

It is one of the best healthcare startups in the india, with features like multilingual voice and chats customer care centre. You must try this one!


best healthcare startups in india doctalk

Who agrees that managing medical reports and prescriptions is a tough task? Well, we don't know about you, but we know that carrying the medical files to share with doctors is a headache. Many times, files get misplaced, which may hinder the medical examination. Here comes the role of DocTalk!

This Mumbai-based healthcare application is an easy way to share medical reports with doctors. DocTalk, founded in 2016, allows patients to communicate with concerned doctors over the app. Working on the AI system, the app provides a secure saving of all medical reports on the cloud with digital access.


Practo, launched in 2008, is a leading healthcare website globally that helps patients by providing them services like searching healthcare experts, online consultation, booking appointments, ordering medicines, and getting their tests done.

The platform has over lakh doctor profiles from India and Singapore. It also allows managing medical data of the patients. In a nutshell, it's a digital medical centre catering all your needs.


A new player in the market, Docttocare offers information about the best clinics, doctors, hospitals, and medical centres to the users. It also provides virtual tryout of the ambience to show the facilities. The platform, launched in 2018, has named a few awards in just one year of its operations. Docttocare can be a master player in the industry.

Do try these best healthcare startups in india and tell your views in the comments.

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