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Here Goes The Story Of The Big Book Box! Opening New Ways Of Reading The Best Books

the big book box

By Harsheen Kamboj


Have you ever tried ebooks from the web?

Well, Electronic books are probably a significant trend among people nowadays. And why not? The fact that you can read your favourite authors anytime and anywhere is an idea that fascinates everyone, but still, the love for physical books is paramount. While books are a matter of choice, we wonder if these can be part of a subscription plan. From jewellery, watches, to customized cups and cushions, all these options are the most usual choices we make but have you ever subscribed for a specially curated beautiful box of books?

Books might seem a boring topic, but avid readers find them as their best friends, and when we have curated boxes for food and fashion, then why not for books! So, today we share the story of The Big Book Box, which is redefining the love for reading in a new way. Read this space now!

The Beginning of The Big Book Box

the beginning of the big book box

It was Surbhi Sanjana Rai and Desh Deepak Singh, two JEE students, who launched this unique startup that offers you monthly book subscription. Surabhi, who is an avid reader, came up with the idea of the Big Book Box and shared the same with Deepak. The two passionate youngsters wanted to introduce a new reading culture in India, and hence, launched their startup in 2017 with a website, and an Instagram handle.

The Big Book Box has made an impact in the market with its unique idea even among competitors like Kindle and ebooks.

What Is In The Big Book Box?

Now, you will be wondering what this whole concept is all about. Inspired by the western culture, The Big Book Box is a specially curated monthly subscription box of books. The box comes with appealing goodies like bookmarks, trinkets, coffee packs, and other items in sync with the theme of the month.

Talking about the monthly themes, the team has planned a particular calendar for each month that gives a unique uniform touch to their business. The best thing about this beautiful thought is that the startup aims at providing early releases from the International publishing houses. Apart from this, a team of curators read all the books before allocating them as per the themes. In all, the startup is a winning game delivering a new world of books to all.

Journey Ahead

Since its launch, the startup has shipped 250 boxes across the country including many Northeastern and Southern states of India. Presently bootstrapped, the startup has got substantial appreciation from IBD and Prakash Book House for the obtainment of books. From book reading sessions to workshops, The Big Book Box is concentrating on acquiring more and more readers.

The startup after initiating from a modest investment of Rs. 1 Lakh is slowly moving to partner with premium publishing houses in the country. In a nutshell, this young small team is trying to immerse people of all ages in new reading culture, and it's a pro! Go and subscribe for a book box for the ardent reader in you.

We wish the best to team The Big Book Box!

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