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Check Out These Startups That Are Using Ed-tech Enabled Toys For Learning!

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By Harsheen Kamboj


Gone are the days when physical products were the only means of educating children. While gadgets were always a part of our lives, with Covid-19 infection making its way, their presence has been felt more strongly, especially for children.

From online education to online skill development, there are plenty of gadgets that are in high demand for particular uses. Well, fulfilling these needs are ed-tech startups that are putting their best foot forward with new-age technologies to educate, delight, and engage the modern children.

Keeping this in mind, we present the best ed-tech startups that are using tech-enabled toys and tools to educate children. Read on to know more!

tech enabled startups for learning


Founded in February 2015, New-Delhi based Smartivity Labs is providing drafting, producing, and selling STEM educational toys. They are also offering technology-enabled physical toys and tangible play activities for children of three to fourteen years.

The AR-enabled colouring and jigsaw puzzles by the company are the perfect tools to engage and educate kids. The children can scan a colouring sheet using the Smartivity EDGE app, which displays the AR version of the character on screen. The puzzles work on the 'Augmented Reality Colour and Texture Recognition' technology for showing exact colours that kids use.


Meccano is a robotics and engineering toys company that offers students-specialized kits to make learning a fun process for them. The kits prepared by the company inspire young learners to build anything they imagine as they develop primary programming and construction skills. The Meccano Micronoid, a robotics kit by the corporation was the finalist at the Toy Of The Year Awards in 2017.


Emotix, founded in October 2014 by Sneh Vaswani, Chintan Raikar, and Prashant Iyengar, is a platform that aims to address the social needs of Indian parents and children. The company has created Miko, which is an artificial intelligence (AI), based companion robot.

With efforts of a team of mathematicians, artists, engineers, and neuro-psychologists, Mico is competent in educating, entertaining, and engaging kids over five years of age. The robot is all about playful learning as it can start and hold conversations, talk about general knowledge, and impart education based on the academic syllabus. The startup also created an upgraded Miko 2.0 with a shiny makeover.


Well, we are sure that you all are familiar with BYJU's, which is an ed-tech unicorn. The company, with its Disney-BYJU's Early Learn app, is creating personalized learning programmes for children in the age group of 6-8 years.

The unique touch to the app is that it entertains the kids with Disney stories, cars, Toy Story franchises, etc. With multiple features like animated videos, stories, interactive quizzes, digital worksheet, parent reporting system, and real-time feedback, it makes learning a fun-filled activity for kids.

Amongst many others like these startups, a wave of setting a new standard of ed-tech tools has evolved. After all, it's all technology that's working right now!

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