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Startups That Allow Local Language Learning For Students, You Should Read It!

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By Harsheen Kamboj


Students are the stakeholders of any nation. Be it a developed country or a developing one, all know the significance of a well-educated student, and that's why they invest in raising the level of standard for student learning. Well, digitalization has been one of the crucial changes in the education sector. The growth of ed-tech startups have not only open doors to global education but also helped students to learn the way they want.

Gone are the days when ed-tech companies were only focussing on high-quality content, with the arrival of technology, local languages are a rage on many online learning platforms. Undoubtedly, many startups decided to add the local languages feature for those not comfortable with English. Rooting for this #vocalforlocal campaign, we present the five startups that offer student learning in local languages. Go ahead and read now!

Startups That Allows to Students to Learn in Local Language

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Pariksha, founded in 2015, is an online ed-tech platform that helps students to prepare for multiple government examinations. The best part is that the portal offers local languages including, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, and English.

Users can choose their preferred language as a medium of learning on the platform. This Pune-based business is shining across 11 states of India, with about 2 million users at present. Apart from this, it also claims the presence of 60,000 paid subscribers on the platform. Started by Deepak Chaudhary, Utkarsh Bagri, Karanvir Singh, and Vikram Shekhawat, this is a must-visit platform for all the government test aspirants who want to learn in their local languages.


Rooted in Kochi, it is a mobile application that offers various types of learning content in local languages. The learning content includes mock tests, video teachings, and flashcards in vernacular languages for aspiring users.

Let us tell you that this platform is a part of Boston-based educational venture accelerator LearnLaunch! Moreover, the app supports languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, and Telugu. Began in 2017, the startup has around 1.6 million users and is planning to add some 6,000 users daily.


You must have heard about Brainly! Well, this platform is a peer to peer learning community for learners, teachers, and parents. Founded in 2009 by Lukasz Haluch, Tomasz Kraus, and Michal Borkowski, Brainly help students in solving their academic doubts and promoting knowledge exchange. The app is working across 35 countries, including India, with over 150 million monthly different users.

To support the local languages, it has diversified its services into regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, etc. This step will not only help students but also increase the reach of the platform.

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In one of our previous blogs, we mentioned Doubtnut as being a top ed-tech startup which is contributing towards online learning (Read our blog on the top online ed-tech startups). The startup is also helping students with its multilingual program. The app reads questions in 11 Indian languages, including English. This Gurugram-based startup has helped over 1.2 million daily users and is becoming quite famous, especially to those who are more comfortable in local languages.

While these startups are helping to promote the regional languages, we are sure that many such educational innovations are waiting to pop out in the real world!

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