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Find The Best Eco-friendly Solutions With These Top Green Startups!

top green startups 2020

Social entrepreneurship is one of the most significant concepts of the new business world. While profit is the foremost objective of any startup, social goals have a crucial role in impacting the environment. With consumers becoming more aware of the environmental issues, green startups are already in the limelight.

Environment supportive startups are the most valuable asset for a sustainably developed world, and their significance is paramount, especially with all the ecological challenges the world is facing.

We are sure that you all know some zillion reasons for opting green startups, but how many of you know the best of these startups? Until you recall your preferred names, have a look at these top green startups that are redefining the concept of development for the world!

Environment-Friendly Startups

eco friendly startups


EcoRight is an Ahmedabad-based startup that sells eco-friendly bags with its focus on attractive designs. Established in 2017 by Udit Sood and Nikita Barmecha, this eco-friendly startup is trying to fulfill customer needs along with green solutions for the environment. Initially started in India and the US via Amazon selling platform, the brand is now functioning in other countries in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

The brand is selling jute bags and is also making conscious efforts for eco-friendly office space. The employees also assure that they don't use any plastics in the office. From rainwater harvesting and solar power to using the 3R's, EcoRight is making every effort possible to achieve the dream of a sustainable world.


Food waste is a crucial component of environmental problems as it increases methane emissions. Advancing with the thought to cut down food waste, Crisp is a company which is using eco-friendly ways in their operations. Crisp markets demand-forecasting software that allows food suppliers to input all their information from multiple sources.

Suppliers get a definite idea of the need for food at a given location. Altogether, Crisp's effort in managing food waste is a win.


ZunRoof is a home-tech startup that is on a mission to bring smart and clean energy choices to every home. The startup uses unutilized rooftops as it generates solar energy to make India an energy-efficient country. Founded in 2016 by Pranesh Chaudhary and Sushant Sachan, this Gurugram-based startup has installed solar rooftops in over 5000 homes.

Moreover, the team ensures that every employee follows the best environmental practices as they work towards their vision. From going paperless to choosing natural lights in their office space, ZunRoof is using a combination of technology and sustainability to be the largest solar rooftop provider in India.


How can lab-created food help the environment? Well, here's the answer!

Meatable is a company working in the cultured meat space to reduce animal slaughtering for food. The company does not use any antibiotics in the process. Apart from this, it also uses methods to save water and trees, unlike other conventional practices. The startup extracts a cell sample of a living cow or pig and then proceeds with manufacturing the meat. With a unique idea like this, Meatable is all things extraordinary!

GEM Enviro Management

This Delhi-based startup collects pre- and post-consumer packaging waste from factories, offices, and other organizations. The waste then undergoes recycling to make suitable products under the brand name 'Being Responsible.' Founded in 2013 by Dinesh Parikh, Sachin Sharma, and Aditya Parikh, this corporation is also spreading awareness on environmental sustainability in the society.

As we list these startups, we want you to know the power of a green startup, especially in times ahead. So, all our young minds, get your ideas ready for the world to be a better place! Visit us at Higgle to start a business with zero investment!

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