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Building Love For Fantasy Sports, Here’s The Story Of Dream11!

dream 11

The sports industry has always been a pool of opportunities as a business idea. Sports is not merely about games nowadays, it's altogether a different belief, especially in India. With the advancements in technology, sports has redefined its reach with the concept of fantasy sports. This concept is about Internet accessed games where participants assemble virtual teams of real players.

Fantasy sports is one of the most trending fads among sports lovers, and Why not! The chance of enjoying, playing, and participating in your favourite games is a dream come true for the true sports enthusiasts. While this sports imagination is now a well-known concept, Dream11, a fantasy sports platform, has made a special prominence in the industry.

From starting only as an app to be the first Indian gaming company to enter the unicorn club, Dream11 is giving the much-needed inspiration to all you young minds! So, here we share with you the success story of this Mumbai-based gaming startup that is redefining the love for sports, Read now!

The Beginning of Dream 11

startup story of dream 11

It all started in 2008 when two childhood friends, Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth decided to launch Dream11, a fantasy sports platform, in a country of some billion cricket lovers. The two friends, being avid fans of sports, were keen to take up this role with a strong belief of success of fantasy sports in India.

However, the vision for Dream11 emerged when Harsh discovered that there was no fantasy cricket platform in a country where cricket is no less than a religion. Advancing with their vision for Dream11, the founders experimented with various formats, and after three years, finalized a product-market fit with freemium single-match fantasy sports in 2012.

By offering multiple sports like fantasy cricket, football, basketball, and kabaddi, Dream11 has evolved as India's biggest fantasy gaming platform.

The Journey To Success

The success of Dream11 is because of the experience it offers to the users. The platform allows users to be team owners, players, with the chance of creating their team of real-life players. Moreover, Dream11 is all about the game of skills.

The fact that fans can compete using their gaming skills and score points based on their on-field performance is all things trendy. Since its inception, Dream11 is growing at an exponential rate with over four crores users on the platform.

While the company has experienced challenges like regulatory uncertainty, new market, and many others, Dream11 yet continues to win hearts.

Apart from all the fantasy sports, users participate in practice contests in exchange for an entry fee. With unique customer experience, Dream11's services are all about evoking sports love in you.

The Future Growth

Dream11 is now a valuable name in the industry. The brand has also been an official partner of the top global sports league. The company has established a firm belief with their payment system among the Indian users. With all its efforts, the company has become the first Indian gaming corporation to enter the unicorn club.

Dream11's innovation has turned it as the official partner of IPL till 2022. For its future endeavours, the company is planning to handle over 2 million users.

We wish the best to this unique fantasy gaming platform!

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