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Combining Sustainability And Electric Smartness, Blu Smart Is Changing The Way India Commutes!


By Harsheen Kamboj


Blu Smart Mobility :- Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the modern world. We are moving in the direction of technological advancements, but we are also struggling to maintain environmental standards.

While startups are crucial in driving the social changes, there are very few that are trying to make environment-friendly products for the future. Well, combining innovation, customer satisfaction with sustainability isn't an easy task, but for Blu Smart, it's not a big deal!

Yes, we are talking about Blu Smart, a Delhi-based cab service that is changing the way you travel with its smart and pollution-free mobility service. Within a year of its services, blusmart mobility has raised $3 million in funding. Want to know its unique success story? Go ahead and read now!

Blusmart Mobility - The Smart Cab Service

blusmart mobility

Gensol Mobility, a part of the Gensol Group, is changing norms for the cab services with its startup Blu Smart in India. Blu Smart, launched in 2019 by Puneet Singh Jaggi, Punit K. Goyal, and Anmol Singh Jaggi, is India's first smart electric cab service that is eco-friendly and works in cashless mode. Gensol Mobility partnered with Mahindra and Mahindra to use e-Verito sedan for this venture in the NCR area.

Blu Smart, based in New Delhi and NCR, is a 100 per cent smart electric formation of cabs with pollution-free existence. It also offers a shared travel experience and is free from surge-price. An idea like Blu Smart, which is driving with technology, price affordability, and sustainability is a change maker for the future.

Why Blu Smart?

Although Blu Smart is relatively a new name in the cab industry, yet its green concept is all things winning. The team believes that the future belongs to the electric vehicle space, and with Blu Smart, they are putting this mobility solution a step towards the future.

The aim through the Blu Smart's services is to offer a seamlessly smart and cashless experience to more and more commuters. Apart from customer services, the startup is also helping in reduction of traffic and pollution.

The app provides superior electric sedans, affordable pricing, intelligent mobility assistance and a highly rated driver, all at one place. There is also the presence of a charging station within every five kilometres.

The best part of the startup is the shorter waiting time and zero cancellation assurance from the driver's side. With all these positives, blusmart mobility is a greener alternative to the existing mobility apps.

The Next Plan

The corporation served over 20,000 customers in only three months of its inaugural. The team is building an ecosystem with strategic collaborations across infrastructure, automotive, and energy companies as it plans to add some 15,000 electric cars, 2,500 chargers by 2021. The corporation is preparing to scale its services in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

With a successful course in a short period, the startup has initiated a wave of sustainable blusmart mobility electric cab services in India.

We wish the best to the whole Blu Smart team!

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