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AV Organics - Here Goes The Story Of India’s First Alkaline Water Bottle Startup

av organics

By Harsheen Kamboj


Alkaline Water Bottle by AV Organics :- One can find the junk food lovers and the fitness freaks probably under the same roof. It’s all in the consumer needs that led to fast food stores running along with gyms. This is the way startups are born in multiple niches.

Well, a healthy lifestyle pattern is one of the most trending startup niches in recent times. With customers becoming self-aware of good health, they are opting for products that seek a positive lifestyle. Moving with the health-conscious segment of society is another startup that is targeting customers of particular lifestyle aspirations.

We are talking about AV Organics, which is introducing a healthy lifestyle with its alkaline water bottle in India. With this new healthy beverage in the country, AV Organics is already making headlines. Read on to know all about this startup!

The Launch Of AV Organics and Its Alakaline Water Bottle

av organics alkaline water bottle

It was this curious husband-wife duo, Aakash and Vishwangi Vaghela, who co-founded AV Organics in 2018 in Vadodra, Gujarat. Based on a lot of research, the startup is the first of its kind in India and targets the health-conscious section of society.

AV Organics manufactures alkaline water. Although alkaline water is not a new name in the world, yet a significant part of the Indian consumers remain deprived of the health benefits of alkaline water. It all started with Aakash coming across an article, in late 2016, discussing the advantages of alkaline water.

Curious to know more, he researched and came to know about the insignificant presence of Alkaline water brands in India. Advancing with his curiosity, Aakash flew to Texas and decided to begin with a pilot project- Evocus.

All About Evocus

alkaline water by av organics

After researching the whole concept and getting in touch with some experts, Aakash set out a pilot plan at his house in Vadodra. It took a couple of months, as soon as Akash's wife, Vishwangi joined the team, a commercial manufacturing facility was ready. In June 2019, AV Organics launched its first-ever black alkaline water bottle, 'Evocus'.

Evocus, the first product of the startup is a healthy treat in itself. Being a 100 per cent natural, black alkaline water bottle with over 70 nutrients, it comprises all the general benefits of alkaline water. Moreover, the process is quality based, the core minerals from the earth's crust first refined in the USA, and then the product comes alive with the company's proprietary formulations.

Presently, Evocus is available at ₹100 (500 ml) and ₹60 (250 ml) in the market. The product complies with all the standards with 100 percent recycled plastic used in the making of the alkaline water bottles.

Future Plans

alkaline water bottles by av organics

Currently, bootstrapped with an investment of around $1 million, the team is planning to raise more funding in the next three years for marketing and building the brand. Since the beginning, AV Organics has sold some 2,000 master case packings of Evocus (alkaline water bottle). The team is further exploring new ways for expansion.

So, for health awareness in you, give Evocus a try!

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